About PECA

The Polish Association Board  and 

Polish Saturday School Belfast –

Address: Primary School Holy Rosary, 

  • Ewa Kołakowska – Chairperson 
  • Grzegorz Bartosiewicz – Vice-Chairperson
  • Magdalena Łaszcz – Secretary
  • Piotr Bohlen – Treasurer
  • Agnieszka Kucała
  • Tomasz Cieślar
  • Beata Dąbrowska – Principal PSS
  • Monika Turkiewicz – Accounting & Administration: monika@peca-ni.org

About PECA

PECA-NI was formed in May 2012 and is connected to PSS Belfast, which began in 2007. The Board of Directors was established in September 2014.  Our aim as a Cultural Association is to support and encourage the continuation of Polish Culture as we find ourselves settled in Northern Ireland, as well as fostering positive relationships with the local community.

Community Purpose

There are some 30,000 Polish nationals living in Northern Ireland. Part of our purpose is to be able to assist in the everyday challenges of life in a foreign country, by offering an advice service, to sign-post people to government services, to support in case of bereavement including repatriation, as well as offering the Polish Saturday School.

Besides this support of the Polish community, we seek to foster positive relationships with the local community. This has traditionally been through cultural days and taking part in festivals, and we hope to continue playing our part by contributing towards a vibrant and diverse society.

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