Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland is a non departmental public body established by the Northern Ireland Act 1998. Our powers and duties derive from a number of statutes which have been enacted over the last decades, providing protection against discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, race, religion and political opinion, sex and sexual orientation. We also have responsibilities arising from the Northern Ireland Act 1998 in respect of the statutory equality and good relations duties which apply to public authorities.

Our sponsor Department is the Office of the First and deputy First Minister which carries responsibilities for equality policy and legislation in the Northern Ireland Executive.

Equality Commission Services

  • The Commission’s services include;
  • Giving advice and support to individuals with potential complaints under the anti-discrimination legislation
  • Giving guidance to employers and service providers about their obligations under the law and good practice
  • Encouraging public authorities to promote equality of opportunity and address inequalities in fulfilling their equality and good relations duties
  • Ensuring that equality considerations are central to decision-making by focusing particular attention in a number of key public policy areas.

Information taken from www.equalityni.org.

For complete information, please visit http://www.equalityni.org