English course at PECA – Feedback


A free intensive English language course organized by PECA, and funded by OFMDFM, came to an end. Over a course of 3 weeks 27-28 Feb, 5-6 & 12-13 March), the participants could ‘bite into’ the English tongue for 6 hours every weekend, either at elementary or pre-intermediate level. The course was located at Elmwood Avenue w Belfast. It received a very positive feedback (see below) and PECA hopes to be able to offer similar courses in the future. In the meantime, please browse though the offer of free and paid courses here.


I am very happy with the English language classes. I would like to participate in a similar course in the future.
The location is good, but I would prefer somewhere closer to where I live- East Belfast. The teachers are very competent.

I believe the English course organized by PECA is a very good initiative and I hope for more to follow. The tutors know how to teach at the elementary level. The classroom is cosy and creates atmosphere conducive to
learning. It would be good to change the number to groups -diversifying the levels of English taught (perhaps introducing at least 3 levels). Overall, thank you for clearing up a lot of things in my head and sorting out the knowledge of the language. Thank you!

1. Good tutors
2. Would prefer Sundays off
3. Good location

I liked it very much. I believe I have made progress with my English. As far as tutors are concerned, they are very kind and patient. I would like the course to last longer. I am happy with it.

I am very happy with the course, but 3 weekends is too short. When will the next course start?

1. The course’s tutors very good, I am happy.
2. The tutors were doing their best to make sure the knowledge stays in our heads.
3. It was friendly and pleasant.
4. I would suggest creating an additional level -a lower one- for students like me!
Wonderful course. The tutor, Eve, is an excellent teacher. It is easy to communicate with her. I would be interested in taking part in a similar course in the future.

I am very happy with the course. The classes are engaging. The tutor knows how to pass the knowledge to his students.

I liked the course very much. The tutor is very good at explaining new words I haven’t been familiar with before, also grammatical structures and tenses. The classes made me pay careful attention to my pronunciation and grammatical writing. I would like to continue the classes in the future.

The English course suited my needs very well, including the tutor, the location and the time. I would be very happy if the course could continue. Weekend classes suit me best because my husband doesn’t work then and can look after children while I’m attending the course.

I am very satisfied with the English language course. The tutor is very nice, he teaches in an engaging manner, providing interesting material, always asks if everyone understands and if not, explains again. I hope it will be possible to carry on the course.