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Our Aims include Providing for linguistic, cultural and social needs of the Polish community in Northern Ireland

Promoting and advancing Polish culture; providing education as well as leisure, social and recreational activities to children and young people aged 3 to 18; promoting integration of the Polish community and undertaking activities with the aim to build good relations and to eliminate ethnic discrimination.

Our impact on the community

We run a Polish supplementary school on Saturda ys during term time for children 3-18 years old. Currently we have over 180 children enrolled. We organize after-school clubs, outings, educational trips, various leisure activities. We publish a monthly free magazine, to which children from the Polish school contribute. We organize information and advice sessions for families and wider community. We engage in cross-community activities by partnering with local organizations.

Charity information

Polish Educational and Cultural Association
  • 514 Ravenhill Road, Belfast, Down, BT6 0BW

Registered charity no. XT37764

  • Causes that concern us:
  • Education & Training
  • Community Support & Development
  • Arts
  • Culture & Heritage

What your gift could provide

£5 pays refreshments for participants in information and advice sessions
£10 pays a monthly cost of photocopying materials for children in the school
£20 pays the cost of an after-school club on Saturday

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