PSS Belfast

Polish Saturday School in Belfast was established in 2007 and was the first Polish supplementary schools in Northern Ireland. We currently have approximately 180 pupils enrolled in our school.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Saturday School is to preserve and promote Polish identity and culture for young people positively, sensitively and flexibly, so they know and appreciate their culture and are prepared sufficiently in the language if they were to return to the Polish educational system.

The Polish Saturday School has its own website:

See the School Community Open Day Video here.

Our Vision for next 5 years

  • To be here
  • To have secure accommodation
  • To have smaller classes – maximum 20 students
  • To have support teachers/counsellors
  • To have older/past students involved
  • To be part of a network of Polish schools in Northern Ireland with training available for teachers
  • To offer cultural visits to Poland
  • To reward teachers
  • To offer students a certificate that is recognised in Poland
  • IF the opportunity arises, the Vision may change and be focused on setting up a formal school within the educational system.

A little detail about PSS Belfast

Pupils ages 3 to 16
Number of Pupils  180
Times of Class 9.45 to 14.30
Number of Teachers 12
Number of Volunteers 8
Principal Beata Dabrowska

Contact the Polish Saturday School Belfast here:

St. Michael’s Primary School
514 Ravenhill Road
Belfast, BT6 0BW

School Principal:

Beata Dabrowska
Tel: 07595 473 586


PSS Belfast Newsletters

Newsletters published by PSS Belfast can be downloaded in PDF format below. Currently only available in Polish. English versions to be made available.



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