Lost Property – Lost and Found

These items have been found at PSS Belfast. If you recognise them and want them back, please contact the school directly, or Basia on info@peca.org.uk

Items not claimed will be sold on 6th February 2016 with proceeds going into PSS Belfast fundraising.

rDSCF2247 rDSCF2248 rDSCF2249 rDSCF2250 rDSCF2251 rDSCF2252 rDSCF2253 rDSCF2255 rDSCF2256 rDSCF2257 rDSCF2220 rDSCF2221 rDSCF2222 rDSCF2223 rDSCF2224 rDSCF2228 rDSCF2229 rDSCF2230 rDSCF2232 rDSCF2233 rDSCF2234 rDSCF2235 rDSCF2236 rDSCF2238 rDSCF2239 rDSCF2240 rDSCF2241 rDSCF2242 rDSCF2243 rDSCF2244 rDSCF2245rDSCF2231rDSCF2226rDSCF2225rDSCF2227rDSCF2237rDSCF2246rDSCF2254