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Meet the PECA Board of Directors

Barbara Snowarska – Chair Artur Kaczorowski – Vice-Chair Małgorzata Komander – Secretary Mariusz Kłeczek – Treasurer Ewa Jadczak Grzegorz Skibiński Sylwia Szkopińska Read more about PECA here


Funding Award – OFMDFM

PECA is very grateful to have received an interim funding award from OFMDFM in order to begin establishing ourselves and invest into our future. More detail to be added shortly....


Vision-Casting, with Dr. Scott Boldt

PECA and PSS Belfast met to develop their vision for the next 5 years. The meeting was held in Shaftsbury Community Recreational Centre, on Ormeau Embankment, Belfast. Facilitated by Dr....

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+ Interpreting & Translation

PECA-NI can provide limited interpreting services but they are restricted to verbal service, i.e. we can assist you to interpret or translate and understand written English documents, but we do not...

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+ Legal Advice

PECA-NI cannot provide legal advice, but we can provide sign-posting, support and connections to Legal advice providers. This Page is unfinished and should not be relied upon for any purpose.


+ Advice Provision

PECA provides telephone advice only on Tuesday afternoons from 5pm until 7pm. In emergencies you can call the same number (below) at any time. We also provide email advice and...


+ Mental Health

Problems and Disorders index The content on this page is taken from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, A Alcohol and Depression Alcohol, drugs and addiction: leaflet for carers Alcohol Our Favourite Drug Alcohol...